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How the MINI works

vmvaporizer (big model)

New 2017 model now comes with a 3 Year Guaranteed Warranty

When we started in 2009 our goal was to create the fastest and quality built oxalic acid vaporizer to kill the varroa mite. Here’s what we got.

  • Save TimeSave Time

    The VMVAPORIZER treats up to 2,000 hives a day.

  • Save TimeSucceed

    99% kill on first treatment when broodless.

  • Save TimeTop Brand

    #1 bought commercial vaporizer worldwide!

Recommended Generator and Air Comrpessor (big model)

Generator: Minimum 2000watt/16amps
Here’s the link

Air Compressor: 2 Gallon, set at 80-100psi
Here’s the link

Air Filter: We recommend it to reduce moisture/oil going into the vaporizer.
Here’s the link

Instructions Manual (big model)

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